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Depression Treatment Center

Depression and addiction often occur together. Our program is designed to address both. Active participation in our therapeutic community reduces feelings of isolation and the tendency to withdraw from others. Our treatment program focuses on your total well-being and emphasizes the important connection between mental and physical health.


Medication is an important ingredient in the treatment of mood disorders and can provide relief from serious symptoms permitting our clients to more fully engage in the therapeutic process. Our psychiatrist is able to administer and monitor medication with a level of attention that is not possible in an outpatient setting. Our goal is to find effective, well-tolerated medication protocols that can aid in complete recovery.

Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy is an integral part of our treatment program and improves overall outcomes in recovery. Through a combination of evidenced-based modalities our master’s level therapists guide our clients through the course of recovery. Our diverse treatment team helps clients explore the complex interactions between substance abuse and co-occurring mood disorders in an innovative life-changing way. It is our mission to help our clients restore a positive self-image, and learn to live a life free from addiction.

Group Therapy

We offer a variety of group therapies throughout the day that allow clients to develop a variety of skill sets important for enhancing motivation for treatment, early recovery skills, relapse prevention and planning, and improvement in the personal management of stress. The group atmosphere is safe, respectful, and supportive to ensure that clients can openly share their experiences.

Holistic Care

At Hickory House, we recognize the toll addiction and co-occurring mental illness can have on an individual’s physical health. We focus on helping our clients learn and practice healthy self-care habits. Nutrition, exercise, and enrichment activities are built into the daily schedule. It is important that our clients reconnect with their bodies by experiencing the benefits of physical activity. In addition, we offer a range of holistic and creative therapies such as yoga, aromatherapy, and art.

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